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Water Main Pipe Services

Pipe Services in Hedgesville, WV

Say goodbye to plumbing problems. Barr Plumbing LLC provides professional pipe services in Hedgesville, WV, can fix any problem such as a stoppage or blockage in your toilet, bathtub, kitchen sink, vanity, lavatory sink, or anywhere you notice a slow drain. Rest easy knowing you are in good hands with the home sewer repair services we offer. Our team will unclog any pipe blockage with our sewer and drain cleaning equipment.

We can replace and repair subsurface piping, whether it's public water or well water piping. We have devised a way to pull the new water pipe while splitting the old one as the new one comes through the tunnel made by the pipe pulling machine.

Our pipe services include underground water pipe leak detection, replacement, and repair technologies and capabilities, we can reduce your yard and landscaping complications. These technologies can also be utilized to replace water service pipes under driveways, sidewalks, and walls. Our trenchless pipe bursting method is an environmentally friendly way to replace an underground water pipe.

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Cameras & Snakes

We have a sewer drain camera to inspect your sewer and drain systems that can inspect or record pipes 1 1/4"–4" in diameter. Tree and plant roots may have penetrated drain pipes or grease from pots and pans may have collected in kitchen sink drains. 

We have snakes that can clean out any clogged drain or pipe where possible. The sewer snake machine will open up pipe blockages caused by foreign objects in the drains. We also have an RF transmitter and locator that gives us the ability to locate underground pipes, tubing, septic tanks, wire, telephone cables, fiber optic lines, gas lines, and other utilities. We are able to locate wire and piping in walls and floors as well.

Sewer Services

  • Sewer Cam Footage of a Cracked Main Drain Pipe
  • Underground Pipe, Septic and Utility Locating
  • Sewer Snake Drain Cleaning Machine Rodding
  • Blocked Off Area
  • Digging up Asphalt
  • Winterizing Service